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Weight Management Program

Alté View stands apart from other non-surgical weight management programs because it synthesizes Eastern and Western therapies in the same treatment strategy. 

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Our comprehensive approach balances Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Acupuncture into the same treatment program.

Let's begin together...

This is where all weight management programs start, at the science of eating. Our licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist will help you achieve your weight goals by analyzing your food choices and guiding you to prepare tastier, healthier meals.

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We can help you recover after surgery, or even teach you to reduce your risk of illness by eating smartly.

All personalized on-site counseling sessions are supported via telehealth and online social media groups during the week to encourage you to stick with the program.  Having the ability to check in with your Dietitian and share your experience is essential to success.

Gym Equipment

Physical Therapy goes far beyond simply burning calories and building muscle. We are medically qualified to assess and treat many different forms of physical injuries and disabilities that impair our clients' quality of life.

This is the physical work-out of your weight management program. Our licensed Physical Therapist will examine your body's strength, mobility, and posture in order to custom design an exercise program to make you look and feel your best.

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This is the power punch when it comes to stress reduction and controlling your cravings. Our licensed Acupuncturist is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to help your body relax, improve your mood, and support your metabolism.

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Contrary to popular belief, Acupuncture does not have to include the use of needles in order to be effective. There are a multitude of acupressure points that can be massaged, and even be taught to you for self treatment during the week.

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Cupping Treatment

Your choice matters!

At Alté View you will have the control to decide which therapy options you wish to concentrate on most, depending on your personal weight management preferences. You are also free to change, add on, and leave off any therapy, at any time, following the guidance of your professional healthcare counselor.

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