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Ergonomics Consultation

Ergonomics focuses on creating a healthy and productive workspace environment, so that your body is less prone to repetitive injuries and chronic pain. Alté View can provide you with the convenience of a tele-health consultation by our physical therapist right at your home computer, or possibly by visiting your actual worksite. 

Designing on Laptop

Poor posture at work can create pain that is very difficult to treat without proper correction.

Working at home everyday from a laptop can put your neck, back, and hands at risk for long term injury.

Businesswoman sitting at her desk tired and with a painful neck, isolated in white

Break the cycle...

Every client's body type and work needs are unique. Some clients need to sit for extended periods of time, and others don't have a chance to sit at all. Alté View's physical therapist will evaluate your posture and work environment and give you realistic recommendations. We will take into consideration your past medical history and any old injuries you may still be dealing with. 


When you have less stress on your joints and muscles, you will feel less stressed and more productive in the long term.

Take the next step...

Feng Shui Combines Function with Looks

Modern Office Space

Alté View uses a specialized branch of interior design, called Feng Shui, to create a nurturing home, or workspace, that helps our clients reduce stress and also support their sense of wellness and self-affirmation. Literally meaning, "Wind-Water," this form of room organization originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is performed by our dual licensed physical therapist and acupuncturist, who will work with you in a step-by-step, highly individualized, process to create your ideal therapeutic living space. 

Before & After Example of Feng Shui for Home Workspace

Alté View stands separate from other Feng Shui providers in that there is no mysticism, numerology, or superstition attached to its practice of therapeutic interior design. Feng Shui is founded upon the belief that there is an intangible effect, or "energy," that the design of a home, or work place, can impart on its residents' mood. For example, bright lights and colors will be good for someone struggling to overcome laziness, but harmful for someone suffering from high stress.

Examples of Living Space Themes for Improving Mood

Wood Room

By selectively balancing the appropriate colors, shapes, and decorative accents in a room, you can significantly enhance its sense of purpose and productivity.

There is no right or wrong in Feng Shui, just an act of moving closer toward your treatment goals.

Fire Room

See for yourself how Feng Shui can transform the look and feel of your home and office.

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