Physical Therapy Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is a skilled technique used by licensed physical therapists to retrain a client's body to move and function with a stronger sense of wellness and control. 

All exercises are custom prescribed and tailored to meet each client's specific need. 

physical therapy

There are many variations of therapeutic exercise that each give rise to an almost endless selection of treatment strategies.

Physical therapy exercise requires active participation from the client and may be challenging at certain points throughout the training process. Progress and results ultimately require guided collaboration. Compared to doing gym exercises with a personal trainer, physical therapists are NYS licensed specialists in exercise prescription. They use their expertise of the human body to create a safe environment where the client's body can become stronger without the risk of injury or the stress of the unknown. 

Core Exercise

The physical therapist can also use skilled hands-on (manipulation) techniques, such as stretching and massage, in order to assist the client's mobility and alignment goals.  Because of our medical expertise, we are also able to help patients who have come out of surgery, or who have suffered injuries, and are looking for a rehabilitation.

Physical therapy can help you reduce pain and move better so that you can enjoy life again.