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Orthotics are highly specialized and uniquely fitted inserts made to fit discreetly inside a client's everyday shoes.  Their primary purpose is to assist the body in supporting a strong and flexible posture. Contrary to popular belief, orthotics are not a passive "splint." In fact, they are actually a tactile, or touch-sensitive, tool used to stimulate points on the foot so that the body can train itself to function in a healthier alignment. When our posture is strong, our sense of self image becomes stronger too.


Orthotics at Alté View are cast on premises and then specifically manufactured via Sole Supports laboratories. Their special lab uses biomechanical and engineering principles into the design of each client's orthotic so that the finished product more closely replicates the ideal and natural functions of a healthy foot.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for a deeper explanation of orthotic services.

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