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Personal Training and Wellness Program

Every personal training session at Alté View will be tailored to exactly what your needs are. Whether you would like to lose weight, gain muscle, improve balance, or strengthen your core, having a dual certified personal trainer and registered dietitian is the way to start. Some clients need to focus more on improving their diet, while others want to work out in our supervised wellness program once their physical therapy rehab is over.

Abdomen Exercise

Creating a change in your body involves commitment, guidance, and regular support.


You can choose a fitness screening by our Physical Therapist to address any concerns, prior injuries, or weak areas.

You can choose to receive counseling from our Registered Dietitian to ensure that your food choices benefit your training program.


Choosing our wellness program allows clients affordable options to transition from their established physical therapy sessions, while still being able to use the clinic resources and equipment. By staying "in-house" you will be able to maintain continued guidance and supervision from our healthcare team, even if your insurance options may want to deny you further care.

Elderly Woman at Gym
Senior Physiotherapy
Girl Stretching

Your personal trainer is your advocate. Whether you have one visit to spare or an entire year to devote to personal training, it really depends on you and what you're looking to accomplish.

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