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Free In Person Consultation

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about your stubborn pain problem and just need some honest guidance? 

Alté View provides you with the unique opportunity to have a free 20 minute consultation with our holistic pain specialist, Caesar Cantone, PT, LAc, to discuss the problem that you are dealing with and the strategies to help you move toward recovery.  

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Image by Marcel Scholte

Are you trying to avoid time consuming surgery and explore conservative options instead?

Caesar is a physical therapist and acupuncturist with over 20 years of experience in the rehab medicine industry, and specializes in fully integrating a comprehensive, holistic approach that analyzes the root problem of his client's painful conditions.  In this way, you will receive an honest and authentic interpretation of your condition from a non-surgical perspective.

Do you want a fresh start and a unique perspective to help you get back on track again?

Caesar will speak with you about your painful problem, and provide guidance and direction about taking the next step.  If you have a treatment provider that you already enjoy working with but would appreciate a separate and confidential second opinion, he will respect your concerns and work with you.

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