How Can Alté View Help You?

Alté View is a holistic, multi-disciplinary clinic in New York City that helps clients achieve their optimal health and wellness goals by offering Nutrition, Acupuncture, and Physical Therapy services within the same treatment program.

Our team of licensed healthcare professionals are experts in their fields and will always provide you with direct one-on-one care.  You need proper attention to ensure your best treatment outcome.

Let's form a plan together to help you accomplish all your goals.

Explore All Your Options...

Alté View offers all of our clients the option to choose either a combination of therapies or an individual service, depending upon what you feel most comfortable with.

Which therapy are you most interested in?

work out equipment
  • sports rehab

  • surgery - pins & plates

  • disc bulges & herniations

  • rotator cuff - frozen shoulder

  • meniscus - ACL - knee pain

  • tennis elbow - carpal tunnel

  • plantar fasciitis - tired feet

  • balance problems

  • stubborn chronic pain

  • sleep disorders

  • stress - anxiety - nervousness

  • GI problems - reflux

  • infertility

  • eating disorders - addictions

  • nerve disorders

  • allergies

healthy meals
  • pre/post surgery recovery

  • pre/post natal care

  • diabetes

  • malnutrition

  • digestive problems

  • obesity - overweight

  • heart healthy diet

  • special diet for the athlete

Alté View also provides a selection of Specialty Services, such as Orthotics and Environment Stress Reduction, which you can add to support your ideal weight management program.

Our Weight Management Program

Many New Yorkers who have weight problems also suffer from aches and pains, injuries, complicated surgical recoveries, and a variety of stress disorders. Let Alté View's licensed healthcare professionals create a weight management program personalized to your specific needs.

stone scale with apples

The path toward healing begins with the desire to help yourself.

Are you ready to take the next step?

© Alté View Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and Nutrition, PLLC has a scope of practice that is limited to Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and Dietetics-Nutrition only.   While an acupuncturist can provide an Eastern Medicine diagnosis, and a physical therapist can provide a functional impairment diagnosis, we do not provide a medical diagnosis.  Alternative View can support, refute, or suggest a medical diagnosis that can only be confirmed by a licensed physician. Any living space renovation advice you receive, whether in part or in whole, is in recommendation only and not meant to ignore, contradict, or substitute the advice of any medical professionals managing your care.  

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