How Alternative View Can Help You

Alternative View specializes in combining acupuncture and physical therapy treatments in the same session.  We can also offer these services separately, or as a supplement to a client's existing rehab program elsewhere.  In addition, we offer custom orthotic fabrication, Eastern nutritional consultation, medical fitness evaluations, and Chinese massage therapy and acupressure treatments.

physical therapy

Whether your preferred choice of treatment is from the Eastern approach, the Western approach, or a combination of both, you should feel confident that you are being guided by expert hands.  You can choose to switch between both acupuncture or physical therapy treatments at any time.  Although the recovery process can be challenging, we are here to support you in the most seamless and honest ways possible.  


Remember, the first step on the path toward healing begins with the desire to help yourself...

The Following Recommendations Will Help You

Ensure a good night’s sleep.

Ideally, one third of your day should be devoted to a sound and peaceful night’s sleep. The emphasis here is on “night,” and not simply the number of hours. Night is the part of the day’s-cycle when our body wants to slow down and remove stimulation. The body’s outward moving energy begins to retreat inward to promote healing. Therefore, it is the quintessential treatment strategy above all other medical intervention. Without sleep, the aging process accelerates through stress and the body begins to slowly decline. If sleeping is a problem for you, it should now be your priority!

Eat healthy and avoid artificial food.

Eating healthy is a therapeutic strategy in and of itself, filled with differing opinions from all sorts of various pundits and professionals. So, to start from the most basic levels of dietary recommendation, simply eat “food.” This means there is nothing you put in your mouth that is artificially manufactured at a factory or pumped with chemical additives to boost flavor and trick your brain into thinking engineering is really edible. Don’t be fooled! Lettuce and celery with heavy creamy ranch is not a salad… it is a vehicle to deliver the salad-dressing into your mouth. Visit our blog article, The Overlooked Diet, and talk with our Dietitian about your goals.

Practice moderation and avoid non-prescription stimulants.

Easier said than done, for sure! In our fast paced world, a life of excess is baseline normal. We continually need to borrow the energy from later tonight, the next day, and then further into next week, in order to move at a deadline pace and get things we want done. But nothing in life is free, and that’s exactly what stimulants do -- they give you back your own borrowed energy from a time you haven’t yet used. It is, essentially a slow form of “energy bleeding.” There is much less healing available for your body when it is depleted of energy and unable to truly rest. If getting off of stimulants like sugar, caffeine, and nicotine is a challenge for you, but you want to improve, then talk with us today.