Environment Stress Reduction

Alté View uses a specialized branch of interior design, called Feng Shui, to create a nurturing home, or work, space that helps our clients to reduce stress, and also to support their sense of wellness and self-affirmation. Literally meaning, "Wind-Water," this form of interior design originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is performed by a licensed acupuncturist, who will work with you in a step by step process to create an ideal therapeutic living space. 

Examples of Room Themes for Improving Mood

Wood Room
Fire Room

Alté View stands separate from other Feng Shui providers in that there is no mysticism, numerology, or superstition attached to its practice of therapeutic interior design. Feng Shui is founded upon the belief that there is an intangible effect, or "energy," that the design of a home, or work place, can impart on its residents' mood.  For example, bright lights and colors will be good for someone struggling to overcome laziness, but harmful for someone suffering from high stress and inability to relax.

There is no right or wrong in Feng Shui, just an act of moving closer toward your treatment goals.

Sample of Low Budget Environment Stress Reduction